Troubleshoot Device — Centralite Thermostat

Thermostat Overview

How to reset this device

    If you are trying to add your Smart Thermostat to your Basic account system and you are unable to pair it in the first few attempts, or if you see an error while pairing, try the following steps to reset the Smart Thermostat and then pair it again.
  1. On your Smart Thermostat, press the MODE button until OFF is displayed.
  2. Before the Smart Thermostat enters sleep mode, press and hold the Hidden Menu button (located in the empty space between the HOLD button and FAN button), and swipe down on the right slider.
  3. The display will change to 01 indicating that the Smart Thermostat is in programming mode, release the Hidden Menu button.
  4. Advance through the menu using the slider on the right until 17 is displayed. Press HOLD, it will then show 00.
  5. Use the slider to change it to 11. Press HOLD.
  6. On the front of the Smart Thermostat, it will flash two sets of numbers.
  7. Now, try the pairing process again.